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Let 38 years of experience guide you in this most unique and wonderful market.  Whether you are Buying, Selling, Leasing, Renting, Needing Property Management, Re-habing to get rent ready or to flip, or Investing, we recommend you move into this market with true knowledge of the current  Market Conditions and available strategies,   and not media hype or inexperienced opinions. This market changes literally monthly. 

Buying  is exciting right now. We're seeing the best buying market in 30+ years,  with or without qualifying.  An  Investor's  Windfall  is ripe for the picking.  Incredible profits will be made in the next 36 months in the Phoenix Market.  Some  investors are in trouble,  but there are solutions and better ways to handle real estate problems. Never make  "long term decisions with short term emotions".   Leases are readily available and reasonably priced.\. If you must make delicate decisions now, make decisions based on real market data, and understand there are other alternatives that can make an incredible impact on your future.

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